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Shopping List

Are you sure you have everything you need to blast?

1.  Air Compressor
Note:  I receive many questions regarding air compressor capacity for blasting.  It really depends on how patient you are.  You can hold the blasting gun trigger longer without loosing as much line pressure over time when you have a larger tank, which also means your air compressor pump doesn't need to cycle as much.  The procedure has been successfully carried out by pancake-style compressors with patience, however I recommend at least a 25 gallon compressor for your sanity.  Don't use in-line driers and/or oilers, they inhibit airflow.

2.  Shop Vacuum

3.  Blow Gun with wand - to insert into your vacuum adapter, blowing out excess walnut shells after blasting.

4.  Of course you will need the Bimmerhelp blasting kit unless you choose to use the OEM tools which are usually pricey and often back-ordered.

5.  Watts Barbed Fitting LFA-390 (or A-390) ***(see below)***

6.  Watts Bushing LFA-827 (or A-827) ***(see below)***

Note:  These 2 pipe fittings are required to adapt the Bimmerhelp wand to the Harbor Freight Portable Blaster gun.  Nipple LFA-741 (or A-741) is only needed when you elect to use OEM tools with the Harbor Freight setup, and must be modified (available for purchase).  Hex Nipple LFA-729 will also work, after modification, when using the OEM tools.***

***Bimmerhelp Barbed Fitting***
You can now purchase the Bimmerhelp Brass Fitting instead of 5 and 6 above!

7.  Fine walnut shell blasting media

8.  Portable Media Blaster

9.  Remote Starter Switch

10.  Masking Tape - for flagging connectors and taping over ports with "open" valves.

N54 Torque Specs for Reference
Intake Manifold:  15 Nm (11 ft lbs)
Throttle Body:  8 Nm (5.9 ft lbs, or 71 in lbs)
Spark Plugs:  23 Nm  (17 ft lbs)

Other Tools Required for N54
8mm Socket
10mm Socket
11mm Socket
Torx T20
Torx T27
Metric Hex Wrenches (Allen Wrench/Key Style)

Please report any discrepancies to me via the homepage quick-contact form.

Bimmerhelp Disclaimer
All information and products offered on this website are intended for the benefit of all.  Those who make a conscious decision to use the products and/or follow the instructions provided by this website take full responsibility for their actions.

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